Diversity, Collaboration, and Inclusion Research Grants for FHSS Faculty


Proposal Deadline

Submit proposals through the "submit an application" link at the top of this page, or by clicking on the "Submit an Application" button below no later than midnight on October 15th. Address questions regarding proposals and submission instructions to the Associate Dean for Faculty Evaluation.


The College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences (FHSS) will fund up to two new research projects per year to full-time faculty in CFS-track positions in any department within the College. The total amount of possible funding per project is $5,000 disbursed over one or two years, depending on project needs. Funds may not be used for faculty salary and individuals currently receiving funds through the Diversity, Collaboration, and Inclusion Research Grant are unable to apply.

The intent of the grant is to support faculty in researching diversity, inclusion, and/or underrepresented groups. A preference will be given to projects that involve students.

Proposal Requirements

The FHSS Diversity, Collaboration, and Inclusion Committee is comprised of faculty members from a variety of disciplines. Craft your proposal in terms that scholars outside your discipline can understand. Your proposal should include:

  1. A 1000-word limit proposal which incorporates the following:
    1. Introduction to the problem with a clear set of research questions
    2. Discussion of the significance of the work
    3. Description of the methodology
    4. Timeline for completion and plan for publication
    5. A description of students involved (if involved) including their numbers, roles, and contributions
  2. An abstract that summarizes the project in 300 words or less (this does not count toward the 1000-word limit for the overall proposal)
  3. Detailed budget and justification for expenditures
  4. A current curriculum vita for the Principal Investigator with contact information


Your proposed budget needs to be realistic and contain a detailed list of the costs to conduct your research. College research funds are designed to support research directly. Unless there is a compelling reason, money will not be awarded to pay for the following:

  1. Software
  2. Capital equipment, computers, and computer equipment
  3. Books and journals not directly related to the research proposal

Once an award is made, the funds should be spent as outlined in the budget. If unexpected circumstances justify expenditures that are different from the original budget a request to modify the budget is to be reviewed by the FHSS Diversity, Collaboration, and Inclusion Committee. The request should outline the proposed change and explain why it is necessary. The funds may not be expended until the modified budget request is approved.

Proposal Evaluation

Proposals will be evaluated by the FHSS Diversity, Collaboration, and Inclusion Committee. Evaluations of proposals will be based on the following areas:

  1. Application guidelines are followed correctly
  2. Strength of focus on contexts and issues related to diversity, inclusion, and/or underrepresented groups
  3. Quality of proposal’s research and methodology
  4. Strength of outcome of research for publishing in investigator’s field
  5. Viability of proposed budget to meet overall objectives

Reporting Requirements

To ensure accountability, faculty members who receive funds are required to submit a short progress report on January 15th of each successive year for three years. These reports should summarize accomplishments and expenditures including any presentations and/or publications from the research. Given that journal articles, book chapters, and books are often not produced immediately, we will ask for reports for three straight years in order to obtain evidence of scholarly output over the two years following the conclusion of the first year of research. In addition, these reports need to identify students who are involved, provide contact information (email addresses) for the students, and mention how the students benefited from working on the project. Faculty members who do not submit reports will be precluded from receiving future funding from the College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences.

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